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Are You Considering a Used or Refurbished Woodway Treadmill?

Only WOODWAY USA can assure that pre-owned WOODWAY treadmills maintain the highest standards in quality and comfort.


WOODWAY treadmills slat-belt design is unlike any conventional treadmill and requires specific service procedures and custom components that are produced specifically by WOODWAY USA. WOODWAY USA does not authorize or endorse any secondary re-sellers.


Download Woodway's Used and Renewal Treadmill Buying Guide

WOODWAY USA Certified Factory Pre-Owned and Renewal Program

WOODWAY offers a certified factory pre-owned program that is a factory authorized and administered quality assurance program designed to provide potential WOODWAY customers with alternative options to purchasing a new treadmill, while allowing you to maintain high standards and great expectations for the finest exercise product available.
WOODWAY Certified Pre-Owned Treadmill

WOODWAY hand selects only a small percentage of treadmills to be resold in pre-owned condition. This is a very thorough process and the treadmill goes through a multi-point inspection. WOODWAY understands our customers have the highest expectations in the market and we want to assure they are receiving the best product in the best condition possible. Only Woodway Certified Pre-owned treadmills come with a 1 year parts and 1 year Woodway factory warranty.

WOODWAY Certified Factory Renewal Treadmill

WOODWAY has the ability to perform a “Certified Factory Renewal” on every one of our products, this is because the treadmill is built with such a heavy duty frame and base components that they can literally be rebuilt from the base up. A renewal treadmill will look and feel like the treadmill the day it rolled off the original assembly line. Renewal products use a combination of new and refurbished components and are sometimes discontinued styles or product options. Only Woodway Certified Factory Renewal treadmills come with a 2 year parts and 1 year labor Woodway factory warranty.

Considering Purchasing a Pre-owned Woodway Treadmill From a Fitness Equipment Dealer or 3rd Party Private Seller?

WOODWAY slat-belt treadmills are designed to provide the longest lasting treadmill product in even the highest usage facilities while providing the most comfortable running surface available. That being said, years of wear and tear in a commercial facility will take its toll on the product.
Asking the Right Questions to Learn about the Condition & Overall Value of a Used Woodway

What year was this product manufactured?
This can easy be determined by reviewing the serial number that is located on the back of the display board. The last two digits represent the year in which it was manufactured and the two digits prior to them represents the month. The month on older treadmills is represented with letters. For example the letter “E” would represent the 4th month which is April.

How many hours and miles are on this piece of equipment?
Inquiring about the amount of miles or hours on the piece of equipment will help you to understand the overall amount of wear and develop realistic expectations. Woodway treadmills can last up to 200,000 miles when properly maintained.

What steps have been taken to ensure the quality of the drive system and transportation components?
Preventative maintenance is key to the overall quality and longevity of any piece of equipment. Proper care can greatly enhance the lifespan of the Woodway drive system.

Inquire about the sound of the treadmill at running speed.

Is the treadmill near silent?
Woodway treadmills have a ball bearing running surface which produces very little friction. Without proper care and maintenance the bearings can become worn and need to be replaced. This is quite intrusive and costly.

There are additional components within the treadmill that are not visible without removing the side covers to reveal internal components.

The overall integrity of the lateral belts is a key factor as they hold the running surface together and may be damaged from any number of reasons. If the lateral belt is damaged and the running surface is compromised, Woodway does not recommend using the treadmill without a full belt replacement