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3030 Interval Training   3030 Interval Training

30/30 Interval Training Heart Rate Monitor©
Provides and tracks 30 second workout intervals.
This is the first STRAPLESS heart rate monitor that continuously displays heart rate!

The faster your heart recovers from exercise, the more fit you are.  It’s that simple.  Tracking improvements in your heart rate recovery is a key factor in tracking your overall fitness gains.

The 30/30 Interval Training Heart Rate Monitor© enables you to:
-Perform and record 30 second interval training workouts for beginning exercisers through advanced athletes.
-Choose the intensity of your workout.  A 30 second rest, or recovery, begins automatically during which you can decrease your exercise intensity to a comfortable level.  The goal is to do a 30 second challenging (max effort) interval followed by a 30 second recovery.

Burn fat and calories and improve overall fitness with 30 second interval training
Challenging the cardiovascular system will help improve heart rate recovery and cardiovascular endurance.  Heart rate recovery is based on how fast your heart rate drops during the rest, or recovery, portion of each interval.  This is recorded by your 30/30 Interval Training Heart Rate Monitor© in beats per minute.
-The 30 second intervals will help keep you focused on your workout, which will move quickly, keeping motivation high.
-The monitor will track your heart rate recovery average.  This number is what shows cardiovascular improvement.  The higher this number is, the faster your heart rate is dropping between exertion and rest and the more fit you are becoming.

Additional 30/30 Interval Training Heart Rate Monitor© features:
-Stop watch

Gym Wipes  

Gym Wipes

Gym Wipes products are specially formulated to remove sweat and grime conveniently without harming workout surfaces. Eliminate the "Yuck Factor" of working out after "Joe Sweatyguy". Great for seat pads, leg and arm-rests, benches, hand-grips, chrome-plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds and electronic panels...
Gym Wipes solution and towelette has been developed hand-in-hand with equipment manufactures and adheres to their input and guidelines. This product simply works and works the way fitness equipment manufacturers want. It contains no alcohol, no ammonia and it leaves no residue. The formula contains a specialized group of surfactants that clean the equipment in your gym, but that also are non-toxic and non-irritating to your clients.
Containing 700 large (8" x 8") and durable towelettes, Gym Wipes stay moist and strong and have been specifically formulated to not dry surfaces out such as leather or rubber. This product will not shred, has plenty of moisture and feels good to the user. The GymWipes formula and towelette are also environmentally friendly as opposed to many other products.

Peak Performance  

Peak Performance

Athleticism.  Strength.  Confidence.  Sexiness.  Fitness.  Vitality.  At Peak Performance, New York City’s premiere private training facility, looking good isn’t just a mindset; it’s a way of life.

Nestled in a 10,000 square foot sun-drenched loft high above the streets of Manhattan, Peak Performance takes fitness back to the basics… with forward-thinking motion.  The experts at Peak Performance have distilled fitness down to it’s simplest, purest form – reconnecting people to their bodies and educating them about what their bodies are designed to do: run, jump, climb and lift.

Inspired by their life-long dedication to athletic excellence, owners and celebrity trainers Joe Dowdell and Jay Wright have designed a unique environment, emphasizing quality over quantity, ensuring the maximum amount of space per client that sport-specific conditioning and athletic training demand. 

Pioneering the most innovative tools and equipment in the industry, Peak Performance offers clients a truly authentic environment, utilizing unorthodox devices such as prowlers, sleds, kettlebells, Power Plates, Nike SPARQ equipment, Woodway Desmo & Force Treadmills and Olympic weightlifting devices, as well as more traditional circuits.  Clients are guided through a personalized routine by top-notch trainers, many former athletes themselves, who integrate traditional strength training with techniques employed by professional athletes to enhance speed, power and flexibility.  The team at Peak Performance is experienced, inspiring and extremely well educated – all trainers are required to have a minimum of 1,000 hours of practical experience.  The combination of the revolutionary facility paired with some of the best trainers in the world has helped elevate Peak Performance to the forefront of the fitness industry. 

As the leaders in a new standard for fitness professionals, Peak Performance also offers an elite Institute For Continuing Education, including bi-monthly workshops, seminars and certification courses.  Open to all trainers in the industry, attendees often travel from across the country to attend Peak Performance courses.

At Peak Performance, it is about a commitment to excellence – and that extends to each and every client.  In fact, a virtual who’s who of the worlds of entertainment, media and finance have reached their peak shape, thanks to the experts at Peak Performance.  The results speak for themselves.




Infinitely better than a basic lap pool, a SwimEx swim spa or aquatic therapy pool can keep you in shape and speed up your rehabilitation. Founded by fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson in 1986, and still owned and operated by the Pearson family today, SwimEx builds swim spa fitness pools and rehabilitation equipment. SwimEx partners and consults with therapists in order to respond to patients' needs with new features and models, and to therapists' needs with seminars and in-service training. Combining cutting edge fiberglass expertise with a paddlewheel concept, SwimEx has evolved the pools into several models with varying sizes and depths, along with the most workstations in the industry, bringing SwimEx into athletic training rooms, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health clubs and residences.

core performance  

Core Performance

Core Performance has a rich history and validated track record of success. The foundation for everything they do, from articles to training programs, is the proven appraoch developed by the experts at Athletes' Performance. Athletes' Performance has trained many of the top champions in sports on WOODWAY equipment over the years. The Core Performance interactive training website offers sport-specific and general fitness programs to help you thrive in sport and in life.
Core can give you 1) A training plan customized for you, by sport or by fitness level 2) A daily workout and equipment list based on your personal goals 3) Exercise technique demonstrated with step-by-step instructions 4) A nutrition plan specific to your activity level, lifestyle, likes and dislikes 5) A daily meal list based on your favorites, complete with recipes and shopping lists. It's like having your very own personal trainer, nutritionist and motivator all rolled into one, and it will revolutionize both the way you train and how you think about health and fitness.

Pro Hoop Strength   Pro Hoop Strength


Where the pros train the pros. Founded by Mike Brungardt, the strength coach for all four San Antonio Spurs' championships to date, PHS presents the most talented and respected strength and conditioning professionals all within on online community. From workouts to webcasts, articles to fitness tips, interviews to nurtrition segments, each coach makes up the lifeblood that is the interactive world of PHS.
Be it strength, speed, endurance, power, agility, movement, flexibility, balance, nutrition, recovery, mental toughness and overall wellness, Pro Hoop Strength is where sound theory meets practical application.


Alter G   Alter G


Alter G uses innovative technologies to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle by reinventing rehabilitation. Alter G thrives by advancing recovery from injury, surgery or disability, and enhancing performance as well as reducing the frequency of injury in athletics and sports.
FDA-cleared applications for accurate partial weight bearing include rehabilitation from any lower body disablility, neurological retraining, weight control, geriatric strength and conditioning and sport-specific programs.
The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the first FDA-cleared medical device of its kind and is used by major medical centers, leading physical therapy clinics and professional, collegiate, and individual sports and fitness programs.

Ignition   Ignition (Clif Marshall)


Ignition provides the finest in methodologies, trainers and equipment as well as the uncommon element of igniting the spirit at the core of great athletes. The Ignition experience is a carefully integrated approach focused on maximizing performance levels and achieving goals.
Coach Clif Marshall enters his sixth year as the Performance Director at Ignition where he is responsible for the design nd implementation of both the strength and speed programs for all athletes. With more than 12 years of professional experience, Marshall has trained more than 160 NFL players since 2007. Along with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Exercise Science & Sports Medicine and his Masters of Arts in Teaching of Physical Education, Marshall is also certified as a CSCS through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and USA Weightlifting, and is a certified sports nutritionist thorugh NESTA.

CrossFit Endurance   CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential while providing the most aggressive and proven fundamentals of sports scrien, exercise physiology, nutrition and athletic training protocols. CrossFit Endurance focuses on eliminating unneecessary colume of training while increaseing intensity. The programming is structured, sport-specific and seamlessly integrated with Olympic lifts, powerlifting, gymnastics movements, explosive activity and mobility-based support. Everythingn they do focuses on midline stablization and working from the inside out.

Impact Sports Performance   IMPACT Sports Performance (Jason Jerome)

Impact believes that proper training requires a serious, focused approach that is personalized for each athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and individual performance goals. Their 8,000 square foot facility is equipped with WOODWAY cardio equipment such as the Force, Curve, Desmo, and the Blade, making Impact Sports Performance the only facility in the Southeast Region equipped with the Blade Hockey Treadmill.
The Impact staff is headed by Director of Athletic Development, Jason Jerome, Certified Athletic Trainer with a medical license for over seven years. Jerome earned his Master's Degree in Sports Medicine and has spent time with different organizations providing program implementation, injury prevention protocols, and biomechanical evaluations for athletes of all ages and backgrounds.

Paul Robbins  

Paul Robbins

Paul recieved his Bachelor's degree in physical education, with an emphasis in exercise science, from the State University of New York, Cortland.
In addition to being the Metabolic Specialist for Athletes' Performance, Paul is the President and owner of Cardio2Tech, a metabolic education, training, and installation company. Leading the industry with his metabolic expertise, Paul is a continuing education provider for the American Council of Exercise (ACE), American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM), NSCA and AFAA.

Paul has also written the Cardio Specialist CEC course for the NASM and is a national presenter for Korr Medical, WOODWAY, and Polar. He has presented at the ACSM and regional IHRSA shows, the NSCA and World Spin and Sport Conference, and has published articles in Shape and Fitness Management magazines and

Scott Moody   Scott Moody

Scott Moody is the founder and CEO for the not-for-profit Training and Research Institute for Athletic Development (TRIAD). After ten years of success at CAP, one of the largest youth sports performance centers in the country, he is now focusing his attention on developing a curriculum that bridges the gap between training for sport and on-field performance. Along with instructing young players at the F.I.T. Academy, he is also working closely with well known equipment manufactures such as Cybex, WOODWAY, Myotest, Fitness Anywhere and Fusion Sport, to research the effectiveness of their prodcuts on this population, and create programming and educational resources to advance the understanding of sports performance training in youth athletics.

Todd Durkin   Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, is an internationally recognized performance-enhancement coach, personal trainer, massage therapist, author, and speaker who motivates, educates and inspires people worldwide. He is the founder and creator of Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises in San Diego, CA, where his team focuses on personal training, massage therapy, pilates, yoga, sports performance training, nutrition, physical therapy, and chiropractic to help transform bodies, minds and spirits of a broad clientele.
Durkin earned his Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and his Master's Degree in Exercise & Nutritional Science with a specialty in Biomechanics and Sports Medicine.