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Woodway Sports Performance Training Treadmills

A Serious Athlete Demands Serious Equipment

Whether running that extra mile or working on creating the speed and power to separate from the competition, athletes of all levels are always looking for that extra edge. Through our commitment, experience and expertise Woodway has developed a wide range of modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment that will allow you to train your athletes more effectively and thereby improving their results.

Woodway treadmills give your athletes the advantage in their training and conditioning because a Woodway is built unlike any other treadmill. Each treadmill is custom-designed with our patented running surface and ball bearing system. The running surface is made from rubber T-slats giving your athletes the ultimate cushion and softness, while maintaining the natural biomechanics of their stride. This surface greatly reduces the force of impact with each foot strike whereas conventional treadmills have a cotton and nylon belt stretched across a wood surface making the running surface hard and straining on joints, muscles and tendons. Unlike conventional treadmills, the Woodway also eliminates the belt slippage allowing you to project true speed accuracy that does not vary with the weight of the user.

Each treadmill is made to meet your unique requirements. Woodway treadmills are the absolute best investment in treadmill technology, efficiency and performance you can get.

Successful athletes are the result of hard work, determination and focus. Woodway is dedicated to providing your athletes with the same.

Why train your athlete with anything but the best?