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What sets Woodway apart from conventional treadmills?
The biggest thing that sets a Woodway apart is the individual rubber T-slats and ball-bearing transportation system. What this technology accomplishes is you never having to change belts or decks.

The ball-bearings also result in less friction, therefore requiring less electricity, less maintenance and less down time. The rubber T-slats allow for less stress on your joints, muscles and tendons while running. The Woodway running surface eliminates the shock on the body often found with conventional treadmills.

In addition to the design, the buy-back and renewal programs, as well as great warranties, are another way Woodway sets themselves apart from traditional treadmill companies.

What is the life expectancy of a Woodway treadmill?
The average Woodway treadmill has a life expectancy of up to150,000 miles for the running surface. The entire treadmill itself can last much longer.

What electrical requirements are there?
All Woodway treadmills require a dedicated circuit (which means they cannot share the neutral) and a NEMA receptacle. For speeds up to and including 15 mph, a 120V circuit is needed and a 5-20R receptacle to match the plug. For speeds of 16.5 mph and greater, a 208 or 220V circuit and a NEMA 6-20R receptacle are needed.

What is the fastest speed available on a Woodway treadmill?
The fastest Woodway is the ELG which can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. The Desmo series can be made to go up to 18 mph and the Pro and Pro XL can reach 16.5.

Can I have 25% elevation on any Woodway model?
25% elevation is available on all units except the Path which has a max of 15% elevation. The ELG is standard with -5% to +35% elevation.

Is there a difference between home and commercial products?
No, all Woodway treadmills are held to the same commercial standard and manufactured with same grade components.

Are you considering a used Woodway Treadmill for your home?
Read our Used Woodway Buyer's Guide.



How does Woodway ship its treadmills?

Our treadmills are shipped using a full van line service and are delivered to the exact location within the facility or home. Our freight rates are for a two-man crew and do not include extras such as stairs, disassembly, inaccessibility by tractor-trailer, etc.

What is the normal lead time for deliveries?
Lead time can vary, but 4-6 weeks is an average. The treadmills are normally on the road for 5-7 business days and customers are notified when the treadmill has left our headquarters. The van line then calls the customer approximately 2-3 days before the delivery to make final arrangements.



What information will I need to supply to the customer service representative when calling about my Woodway?
Serial number and model of your treadmill.

Where is the serial number located?
The serial number is located in two places. The most accessible location is on the back side of the control panel, the second is located on the front left corner of the frame, you must remove the side cover to view.

Do I need to perform any preventive maintenance on my product?
Every 6 months in a high-use facility, (health clubs, fitness facilities) or once a year in a low-use facility (home or clinical use.) Please contact Woodway for specifics on maintenance.

What does it mean if my running belt is moving very slightly?
This means that the drive board is out of calibration. Contact the Woodway service department for instructions on performing this calibration. Contact Us

Why won’t my treadmill turn on?
Make sure the power switch is turned on. It is located near the front right corner of the treadmill, near the power cord. If the main power switch is on and the treadmill still does not power on, contact the Woodway service department.

Is it normal for the black foam to crack between the slats of the running belt?
Yes, the black foam is a cushion for the running belt and overtime this foam may crack, but will not negate the performance or comfort of the treadmill's track.



Will Woodway put a demo unit in a private home?
No. Demo units are not available in a residential setting. If you are interested in experiencing a Woodway, please contact us and we can direct you to the nearest facility with our products.

Do you offer financing options?
Woodway offers competitive leasing options via a third party leasing company. Please contact Woodway for further assistance.

Do you have dealers in my country?
Woodway sells both direct and through a network of qualified distributors. Contact Woodway for more information.

Do you offer GSA, YMCA, JCC pricing?
Yes. Please contact Woodway for details.

Do you have a specific question that is not answered here? E-mail us