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Woodway Military Grade Equipment
Give Your Warriors The Most Durable Treadmill For Training Before and After Battle

Woodway treadmills have been the choice of high usage armed forces and government facilities for years. Only Woodway's patented design is built to withstand the extreme conditions and punishment that our nation's warriors dish out.

Only Woodway treadmills utilize a rubberized slat running surface and over one hundred ball bearings to deliver up to 150,000 miles of continuous usage without a single belt or deck change. That means more time training and less time repairing your equipment.



Product reliability, performance, and customizing are what attract many military and government agencies to Woodway. For the Navy, Woodway recently designed a treadmill that can be maneuvered through a 30" missile hatch. When miles below the surface, seaman need options to stay fit—a challenge due to the confined quarters on board a nuclear sub. Typical treadmills are difficult if not impossible to position on a sub. Plus, conventional treadmills can break down creating a maintenance nightmare. “(Woodway) was the only one willing to do a special order and design a treadmill that can be disassembled into four pieces, delivered through the 30” hatch and then reassembled,” said Vance Emons, R&D, Woodway. “And, this particular treadmill was also designed with a non-power mode so that if a sub is in silent mode the user can manually push the belt.”